“There is so much about making perfume and it isn’t necessarily about flowers. Mostly, it is bark and musk, sea shells and resin … beating, breaking, and melting. Crushing brings the fragrance.”

Fragrant Hours Ministry was born in grief at the passing of Sheryl’s little 2-year-old boy. Dark and heavy loneliness taught her how to put God first. The line between things that matter and things that don’t became very clear. She now stands at that line, flag in hand. “Danger here! Don’t cross over!”

In the depths of these experiences, Sheryl’s heart speaks. Her life’s story is a gift to all who hear. Generations of faith and a Godly family connect her listeners to the meaning of life’s struggles. Wisdom from righteous parents planted deep devotion to God and a desire – a calling, really – to teach people how to struggle successfully against life’s difficulties. Godly women were placed in her life to push her ways in the path of strength and service; grandmothers, a mother-in-law, a pastor’s wife.