Sherrill (Sheryl) M. Coffey is a corporate executive director. She has been a speaker and teacher in the religious arena for more than 25 years. She is the founder of The Fragrant Hours Ministry. Prior to her current business association, she served as Co-Pastor of churches pastored in southern California by her husband, Lee Coffey.

In addition to being a dynamic speaker and a business woman, Ms. Coffey has had excerpts of her story shared on the Joni and Friends and on local television programs in Southern California. She has had several articles published in religious publications. Sheryl has most recently served as a Sunday Morning Bible teacher in Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas. She hosted Women on the Way lunches for working women and is an avid promoter of The National Day of Prayer.

Sheryl’s voice is heard on a recording of Enduring Word, a compilation of scriptures for women. She is called upon to present at various venues sharing her story with visual display of perfume bottles to enhance the lessons learned through the making of perfume.

Ms. Coffey’s education is in the field of Christian Education, with previous accomplishments in the field of banking and grant management. She has served as a visiting lecturer at Bible colleges in Southern California.

Ms. Coffey is active in professional and civic organizations and has received several awards to include the “Make a Difference” award given by the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, East Texas Region.

Ms. Coffey focuses on the critical need for women primarily to dispel the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ, needed so desperately in our home and in our corporate environments.

She speaks to people on an individual, group or corporate level in religious settings or in a business venue.