What’s Church All About?

Why do people go to Church?
1. Some people go to church for social reasons.
2. Some go to meet their friends and make plans for the coming week.
3. Some go because they feel it is their duty.
4. Some go out of tradition. ‘Cuz Mama went!
5. Some go for entertainment.
6. Some go because their just lonely and hurting.
7. Some go, hoping to meet new friends.
Shouldn’t our purpose for going to church be “to enter into His gates with praise and thanksgiving”?
Shouldn’t it be to allow the Holy Spirit to convict and change us?
If the Holy Spirit is allowed freedom in our houses of worship, the list above would fall into alignment with the Word of God and His purpose for our lives. The one-hour event called “Church” on Sunday Morning should call us to a spirit of devotion and reference and worship. When the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction is allowed, unified participation is usually evident.  In houses of worship, we have observed that around us are people standing because they were asked, but refusing to open their mouths to utter songs of praise or prayer. Could it be that the “relevant” worship team is not leading us into worship?  Is the “relevant”  music so relevant that no one participants.
The  Praise is not praise unless it is vocalized. Worship is heart felt but evident. God’s presence can not be ignored!
It appears that the organized ‘CHURCH’ of today places emphasis on the ligthing, the casual dress, the sound of today’s lyrics to appear “relevent” rather than coming into God’s presence with praise and thanksgiving giving honor to the One who organized the Church. The one-hour-so-called worship-production focuses mostly on songs about our need rather than who HE (Jesus) is and His need, to hear His children praise Him!
Shouldn’t the real reason for going to Church be to worship (adore, magnify, honor (respect), the One who told us to come together with singing and praise and worship?
Why do churches have to feel their need to be “relevent” when we are called to be set apart?  Not becoming like the latest trend to appear to be like (relevent) but inviting those who are not within the family of God to come in. How can one be convicted of sin if they are in the same type environment…made to feel comfortable rather than convicted?
I have spent my life going to Church. I used to love to go to Church. Could hardly wait until Sunday or any other day that the people gathered to call it Church. Those were the days of participation, of conviction and change!  Not so any more. I leave more distressed about the spiritual condition of the “church”, our nation, and our commuity than before I entered the gates (doors).  It is the ‘static’ of the church.  It is the ‘routine’ of the church. You can mark the minute hand and know what is next, week after week.
Jesus was not routine, except “as was his custom” to go to the sanctuary.  But things happened worth recording when He was in the sanctuary or was present in any locale.  Whether at a well, in a field, on a mountain side, or in the synagogue. He made a difference!
Jesus was present and even a blind man knew it!

So is the CHURCH relevant? Is the CHURCH ALIVE AND WELL? IS IT MAKING A DIFFERENCE? Or we convicted and have we changed?