“No, I mean really!” – January 11, 2014

Do you feel the same way that I do when greeting people and their response sounds so mechanical? Like pressing the red button on the Teddy Bear and a recording says, “I love you!” People say,  “How are you?” “Fine” or “Coudn’t be better” or “Blessed”,  well I can accept the “Blessed” because that describes all humanity who is still breathing. It is only my God’s grace that we are not consumed everyday!

But the facade that we beings don ourselves with everyday is so plastic!  Life is REAL!

The words from the heart are more than trite responses!  It takes a bit longer to explain  “really”.

Really now…what’s going on?  When people are losing faith in humanity (and I’m not surprised), this tells me there is a mask in the picture!

When a 10 minute conference call can change a five year budget plan – let’s get ‘REAL’. Spending important God-given moments every day settling disputes and frivolous clamoring issues when our world seems to be crashing in! “REALLY”…does anyone really want to respond with “TRUTH”.

I have no desire to sound like a despondent person, yet “REALITY” staires me in the face.

My “real” friends know that I savor the writing style of Ann Voskamp! Her gift book, ‘One Thousand Gifts” has been a traditional gift that I share with readers!  Check her out! Today’s calendar sheet was beautiful.  She writes so uniquely. “Jesus, the God-man with his own termination date. Jesus, the God-man who came to save me from prisons of fear and guilt and depression and sadness.  With an expiration of less than 12 hours, what does Jesus count as all most important?”

Luke 22:19 NIV..”He took bread, gave thanks, and broke it and gave it to them.”

What’s so “real” about that? Well, sometimes if we could just respond to “How are you?” with, “Come, let’s sit down and break bread together, give thanks, and share”REALITY”…maybe our hearts wouldn’t be so heavy and our future look so bleak! Maybe!

Share the “Bread – the Word of God”.

Make a “Thankful List”

Share the Brokenness with friends and not so … maybe we are giving them something that will bring REALITY into their life!

I’ve started my Thankful List even though I’ve been shocked with Reality of one major loss and the potential for yet another major set back all within 10 days of a new year.

You say to me, “Fine”…why can’t you just say “Okay” sometimes?  Because I’m not! and Truth is what I am about! I want to break bread and give out REALITY!”