Where did 365 days go?

WOW!  Has it really been a year since I visited my blog? YES! WHY?  Perhaps the reasons are too many to list.  I would venture to say that the main reason is that my time scheduled to blog wasn’t on my calendars.

Oh, this blogging thing was in my thoughts and plans ‘to get to it’ yet only what appeared in my handwriting or voice-activated calendar were the tasks that I accomplished.

I have missed you, Blog!  I apologize.  My good intentions did not put words on the Blog for Fragrant Hours’ Blog. So, it is a cloudy afternoon.  It is April which is a month that I love because it has special dates of remembrance in it and because in east Texas we usually get a storm or at least a shower to help settle the pollen.  Then I can stop coughing for a few minutes.

So what has happened in the year that I have been gone from this page?  Opportunities to ‘spread the fragrance of Christ” have come my way. A Lingering Fragrance Books are selling and reports are coming in that the book is a blessing to those who read them. Teaching Bible Class at Christian Women’s Job Corp brings such joy!

In answer to the title of this blog, I wish I could give you an astounding reason but I can’t.  All that I can say is time moves. So often we forget that we all have the same number of hours and our time is in the hands of our Lord.

In the entry way of our home stands a Grandfather Clock. Inscribed on the gold plaque inside the door of the clock references Psalm 31:15, “My (Our)  times are in His (God’s) hand…” MEV, and from the CSB, that reference reads, “The course of my life is in your power…”

Recently, I have been thinking about the things that I call “Urgent”, “Must Do List”, really doesn’t meet the criteria of either title.  Most of our daylight hours are spent doing what we call urgent and must do and we rarely give thought to the fact that if we were not there to do the urgent, who would notice it wasn’t done?  The URGENT is what we MUST DO and if we DON’T DO then something or someone would be affected.  That’s the urgent.

As Lee and I walked to our car after attending Church yesterday morning, I witnessed the URGENT!  A little bird, a Kildeer was on the ground near the walkway, hundreds of people walking by. She was fluffing her wings and squawking loudly, standing in one place and behind her was a tiny nest on the ground and inside the small dugout circle were her eggs.  She was urgently guarding her nests.  I stopped to check on her. I wanted to help her.  I wanted to move her nest.  I wanted to rescue her and her babies. But I couldn’t.  I shouldn’t.  She had it under control.  Yes, the urgent was in her time. People passed and some even stopped to say kind words to her.  She kept up her squawking and fluffing her wings, standing on both legs firmly in one place. Someone put a yellow tape around the spot of ground she now called her home. A marker labeled that sacred spot “Nature”.
I have thought about that scene.  I still hear her loud squawking in my mind.  She was urgently protecting her offsprings.  Standing firm.  Refusing to move.

Shouldn’t I squawk at the interruptions and stand firm with the urgent?  It is God who gives everyone life and breath and all things. (Acts 17:26) CSB.  He even determines our appointed time; he did this so that we might seek His face, perhaps that we might reach out and find him though he is not far from each one of us.  For in him we live and move and have our being.”  Can I take that to mean that if I seek God first, meaning, seeking first the kingdom of God and His right ways, that all these things will be added to me?

Maybe my “Urgent” and my “Must Do List” would include time for this Blog?  Maybe this year I will make a time to share from My Heart to You?  Yes, I will.