The Mud Maker

I was reading the Holy Bible early this morning. John, Chapter 9.
The story of the blind man. Jesus made mud and spread it on his eyes and the man could see. He was blind from birth.

I said out loud, “I need the MUD MAKER!” When your days start being crammed with doctor’s appointments and everything you look at screams, URGENT, life isn’t fun. I read the story and realized that the Creator of the universe wasn’t afraid to get his hands in the dirt!

From the dust of the earth, God created man.  There are many references to Jesus and dirt throughout the Bible.  He wrote in the dirt to free an accused woman. He put mud on the eyes of the blind man and his eyes were opened.

When your loved ones are facing unknown health issues, it is time to ask yourself, ‘Is Jesus different today than he was yesterday?’ ‘Has he stopped making mud?’

I will continue this later. The Doctor called Lee. Sheryl