A PROMISE OF REST! Hebrews 4 leaves an exhortation to REST! TODAY not SOMEDAY. Someday is not a day. We have been given 86,400 seconds today to take advantage of opportunities. Today may be made up of little things. But little things aren’t little. They make big differences. How we spend our todays is how we spend our years-as a story that is told.

Today the little things may be just clean sheets, a meal with family who remains, an unexpected call from someone you love, just blowing bubbles! Hearing children’s laughter or grownups laughing out loud even giggling! Maybe it will be just giving or receiving encouragement. Or remembering how fresh hot coffee smelled early in the mornings when you were on a camping trip with your Dad. Maybe the taste of hot maple syrup on hot biscuits, yum! What about a night at the Symphony? Or the excitement of preparing for worship in God’s house on Sunday Mornings! Ah,remembering the front porch swing on my aunt’s house where with every creak of the chain, secrets were shared and laughter rang out-memories!

Today! Not Someday I’m listening to rain fall on very dry lawns and the smell is wonderful! Today I’ve met big hearted people making a difference in people’s lives.

Today…the voice of reason and the voice of history and the voice of experience unite in one loud voice and shout! TODAY! We have been given today! One second at a time. Today we can stop and pray for the HARVEST AMERICA CRUSADE in Philadelphia PA with Evangelist Greg Laurie. Today I prayed over the venues that will be hosting the telecast here in Tyler TX. I pray for lost people to be drawn to these areas and to find JESUS TODAY! Go make a difference in someone’s live TODAY! TODAY SPREAD THE FRAGRANCE OF CHRIST.

Welcome to The Fragrant Hours Ministry

Fragrant Hours Ministry was born in grief at the passing of Sheryl’s little 2 year boy.  Dark and heavy loneliness taught her how to put God first.  The line between things that matter and things that don’t became very clear.  She now stands at that line, flag in hand.  “Danger here!  Don’t cross over!”

In the depths of these experiences, Sheryl’s heart speaks.  Her life’s story is a gift to all who hear.  Generations of faith and a Godly family connect her listeners to the meaning of life’s struggles.  Wisdom from righteous parents planted deep devotion to God and a desire – acalling, really – to teach people how to struggle successfully against life’s difficulties.  Godly women were placed in her life to push her ways in the path of strength and service; grandmothers, a mother-in-law, a pastor’s wife.

The words from Sheryl’s heart can’t easily be forgotten.

Sheryl speaks on a variety of topics but she most often displays her collection of perfume bottles; encouraging women to find their fragrance and embrace it!  She has one concern.

Don’t  just think of flowers when you hear that title.  There is so much about
making perfume and it isn’t necessarily about flowers.  Mostly, it is bark and musk,
sea shells and resin … beating, breaking, and melting.  Crushing brings the fragrance.”

It’s the ‘crushing’ process in women’s lives that challenged her to launch women’s ministry in churches from Texas to California.  She has organized women’s conferences literally from coast to coast.  You will see her name as speaker for women’s organizations, conferences, local television and radio programs.  In fact, portions of her story aired on ‘Joni and Friends’. 

Encouraging women to return to Godly principles is the foundation of her work with the National Day
of Prayer and her participation in a prayer network in the House of Representatives Annex building.  In Tyler, Texas she is involved in the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and chaired a citywide Women’s Luncheon for the National Day of Prayer.

Sheryl has a passion for ‘Market Place’ Christianity – serving God through the reality of life.  For 25 years, she has watched God put her in calculated places with strategic people.  For the last 12 years she has served 19 counties in northeast Texas as Executive Director for the Regional Advisory Council, Region G.  This organization is the ‘link’ which brings resources and first responders together during times of trauma.  Preparing and equipping them for disaster will produce lifesaving results. This venue has afforded her a ‘connection’ with community leaders to ‘be’ that example of a Godly woman.

She and her husband Lee pastored for many years in California.  They presently reside in Tyler, Texas.     When it comes to serving the Lord, stateside or overseas, Lee and Sheryl are a ‘team’.